The End of the Year

Who anticipates the end of the school year more; the teachers or the students? I can tell you that as a student way back when (i guess just 15 years ago), that I certainly anticipated the summer more than the teachers did? Or did I? The end of the school year has come from three… Continue reading The End of the Year

A 16 Year Old Journal Entry.

My last post entitled a “New Era,” is going to be challenged by this post. My wife came across my English Journal from when I was a Sophomore in High School. I’ve always said that kids are different today then they were when I was in school. After reading my journal entry I’m not so… Continue reading A 16 Year Old Journal Entry.

A New Era.

We definitely live in a different era. I applaud my parents for my upbringing. I was not an easy child to raise, but my parents did a great job. I only wish that I will be able to mimic their parenthood. If I was in trouble at school, I would be in worse trouble at… Continue reading A New Era.

Common Cents

My biggest worry in life seems to be money. It seems like everyone has a worry. Some people worry about there jobs, others maybe about there appearance, either way we all have something that worries us. Even the so called “Worry Free” vacations bring about worries. Worrying is like a car payment – you will… Continue reading Common Cents


Welcome to my blog. I’m new at this so please bare with me as I begin my blogging. My blogs will deal with mainly my educational insights. These are my insights, and in no way shape or form does my opinion matter more than anybody else’s. I just like to talk :). I’m just and… Continue reading Welcome