Welcome to my blog. I’m new at this so please bare with me as I begin my blogging. My blogs will deal with mainly my educational insights. These are my insights, and in no way shape or form does my opinion matter more than anybody else’s. I just like to talk :). I’m just and ordinary guy with some extra-ordinary ideas. My blogs will also cover my experiences and thoughts on life. I certainly hope you will enjoy, and please provide feedback to my posts.

As a Principal, I certainly come across many different experiences (this is what I love about the job). I have a passion for helping people and when that passion leaves me – I will then leave the job. I do not see that happening anytime soon. My blogs will cover my educational insights, my thoughts on many different education issues, and hopefully reflect the passion that I have spoken of. I hope you enjoy my posts, and again feel free to comment at any time.

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