Common Cents

My biggest worry in life seems to be money. It seems like everyone has a worry. Some people worry about there jobs, others maybe about there appearance, either way we all have something that worries us. Even the so called “Worry Free” vacations bring about worries. Worrying is like a car payment – you will most likely always have one.

In any event, mine is money. If we were rich, I would still worry about money. I wish I had an easy button for this, but I don’t. Common Sense tells me that I shouldn’t worry, but I do anyways. I’m a victim of impulse shopping, and then obviously a victim of buyers remorse. I don’t like to take the time to think about it. This is a fault (one of many).

Kids obviously cost money. Of course they are worth every penny. But common sense now tells me that when we go out to eat that my children can just share a meal. You know how it works though. You get them there own meal and they don’t eat, but if you get them one to share – there’s not enough food to go around. It happens all the time. Common Sense tells me to use coupons – I don’t. Common Sense tells me to walk to school – to save on gas – I don’t. Common Sense tells tells me that my golf clubs can last another year – they won’t. Common Sense tells me to stop drinking pop (which would save money) – I can’t. Common sense tells me to eat at home instead of going out – we don’t. However now days, maybe it is cheaper to eat out.

There is a common theme in all of this, and the list just grows and grows. If I used some common sense I could save some money.

So I think we all have worries, mine is most likely similar to many, however what if I wasn’t worried about money? Would I have a bigger issue? What is your biggest worry?

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