A 16 Year Old Journal Entry.

My last post entitled a “New Era,” is going to be challenged by this post. My wife came across my English Journal from when I was a Sophomore in High School. I’ve always said that kids are different today then they were when I was in school. After reading my journal entry I’m not so sure anymore. The following is exactly what I wrote back in 1996 (August I believe), while a Sophomore in High School.

“To whom it may concern,

As you know school can be boring. I think that if we are here, school should be more sufficient. Well lets start with the lunch, the lunch period is long enough, but the food is just rotten. It’s pretty bad when we have the same thing for like three days straight. Some of the kids in this school are just soo stupid. We need to have better discipline. For instance, you beat the crap out of someone and you only get inschool suspension. You should be kicked out for the rest of the year. In this school we get too much work, that is not right. Challenging us is one thing, but when they pile on 17 worksheets at a time, thats going way to far. I think that on hot days, we should be able to have class outside. This school smells because of everyone sweating to death sitting in an oven, oh I mean classroom. Its time this school starts to change. I’m sick of the way its is being run. Well I now have a page, I could write forever though.”

So that was what I wrote about 16 years ago. Obviously I now know why I’m a Principal – I had it in me long ago. I wonder how accurate my statements are to kids now days. I’m guessing pretty darn close. In any event it was very interesting to read what I wrote back then. My wife thinks I was a huge nerd, however my studliness speaks for itself.

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