Thoughts as I start my 3rd year as an Administrator

Tomorrow will begin my third year as an Educational Administrator. As I sit here tonight doing some final prep for the students to come tomorrow – I have many thoughts wondering in and out of my head. So…..why not blog.

One thing running through my mind is discipline. I heard something this week that continues to stick with me. Somebody was talking about discipline and they told me that it doesn’t work. I was intrigued by the statement so I continued listening. Basically (in a nut shell) this is what was meant by it. People continue to be mean to each other and our prisons are becoming increasingly overcrowded. I’ve always thought that firm, fair, and consistent was the way to go. Now for the first time I’m beginning to question myself. I think that fair and consistent are no brainers…and probably firm is as well. I am however wondering if there should be a fourth added in there. How about a genuine understanding or care for the person that commits the crime.

Now I have been blessed to grow up in a family in which my parents cared deeply for me. We were raised with strict rules and guidelines and were taught morals and the values of life. Can’t thank my parents enough for this. However, not all children have this luxury. Not all children are cared for by there parents, and not all children are taught (what seems to be) the universal morals and values of life. I’m a firm believer that if a child is not receiving something at home…then I as an educator need to fight like crazy to ensure they get it at school. So as I close this thought…I think we should do everything in our power to rehabilitate a bully and let them know that he/she does have potential, and that people really do care for them.

Second thought was kind of along the same lines. Bullying seems to be a real issue now days, and maybe people point to the school for answers. The school should (don’t get me wrong) play a large part at minimizing it, however it does take a village to raise a child. This obviously leads me right back up to my first thought, but I need to get something off my chest in regards to this.

If the very people that we are supposed to put our trust in to keep us safe are bullying each other, then how can we expect our children to not do the same. If Politicians can bash each other on TV, why wouldn’t kids bully each other? It just seems awkward that you can turn your channel to any station practically and within the first five minutes you can probably find an instance of somebody treating somebody in a negative fashion. I’m not saying turn the TV’s off, or change the context of what we are seeing on the stations, but what I am saying bullying is not just a school issue. We all have an obligation to treat people with respect and dignity. This is a world issue. This is a world obligation.

In any event…its time to clear my mind and get some sleep. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. A new beginning and new dreams.