A Dream Come…Realized

This past week I fulfilled a dream of mine that I have had since I could ever remember.  My wife and I took a trip to New York, and we caught a Yankees game.  My anticipation for this event had been building for 31 years, so when I tell you that we spent 9 hours at the Stadium you won’t be shocked.   My dream of watching the Yankees game came very close to fading away as we sat in the rain for two hours wondering if it would be postponed.  The 25 dollar umbrella actually came in handy.  My prayers were answered and we indeed got to watch the Yankees go up against there much hated rivals…the Redsox.  The Yankees lost in a good game.. who cares.  The Yankees have 27 rings, and Boston has like 6 maybe. 

So the Yankee game was amazing.  The stadium is nestled in amongest a poorer region of New York.  It’s actually a sight to see (a billion dollar stadium in the middle of a sub-par region of one of the nations largest cities).  I loved every minute of the game and the stadium, but yet again remember I’m one of the biggest Yankee fans there is.   

It did not take me long to miss North Dakota.  Actually after this trip, I have a much more appreciation for the state in which I live.  I can stretch on the streets and not hit anyone :).  My wife and I actually ate at Subway when we arrived near our motel.  Yes, Subway – we were hungry and tired.  After we ate, my wife told the guy working “thanks, have a good night.”  The guy looked at us with a straight face and no expression.  He was not used to somebody saying Thank You to him.  This is sad.

We were told that New York can be scary.  I did not find this to be true.  We went on the Subway and I didn’t think it was scary at all.  Yes it was quite weird, but not scary.   I can handle people talking to themselves or begging for money.   We also took in Central Park, the Staten Island Ferry, A Comedy Show, views from the Top of the Rockefeller Center, and Times Square.  The Staten Island Ferry was nothing special.  Actually I got sea sick.  The Comedy Show was great but very expensive.  The Views from the Rockefellar Center were amazing.  I’m actually quite proud of myself for getting the courage to go up there with Jen.  I loved every minute of it.  Central Park was just ok for me.  Lots of walking.  If you want to spend a fortune you can get a horse and buggy tour.  Times Square was busy…people everywhere.  Taxi cab drivers everywhere…honking all the time.  Actually this leads me to driving.

Driving in New York…..crazy.  We have lanes in North Dakota that most people abide by.  In New York…lanes?  Are you kidding me?  I, for the life of me can not believe that there is not more crashes in that city.  Its every cab driver for themselves and get the heck out of their way when they are trying to get somewhere…..you will get honked at.  If you honk at someone in North Dakota it is usually to say hi, or to impress a chick (back in the day I may have done this).

It was however a dream come realized for me.  I fulfilled a childhood dream and realized that I have no interest in ever going back.  I like things quiet.  I like to stretch without hitting someone. :).  

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