Fantabulous Fall

I absolutely love this time of the year.  It doesn’t get any better than that atmosphere that surrounds the Fall of the year.  So if your looking for an educational post tonight, you will not find too much, but hopefully you can agree with me when I say there is no better time than right now.

First off, the temperature is just right.  It is not too hot and it’s not too cold.  As Summer flys by, I start to get sick of the hot weather.  I also tend to get sick of the cold weather as Winter “creeps” by.  So in the Fall of the year you get the best of both worlds.  One may ask “what about Spring?”  I love that too, however it is just too muddy and slushy for me.   The bottom line – I would rather be cold then hot, and I’d rather it not be a muddy mess.

The temperature might be the main reason I like this time of year, but its definately not the only reason.  Right now as I’m writing this I’m watching the Yankees.  They are currently up 1-0 in case anybody cares.  There is nothing better than Post-Season baseball.  Every year (it sure seems like) I get to watch the Yankees in the playoffs.  Even better yet, when they are blowing somebody out, I can flip the channel and watch Football.  My two favorite sports to watch all in the same season of the year. If I had a fire place – it will be all that much better.

This is also a great time for High School Sports.  Kids are getting back into the gym, concession stands are busy, etc, etc.  I love to see “school pride.”   There is nothing better than high school sports – especially in a small town.  The community rallys together and comes to evening games.  Lets face it – the main form of entertainment in a small town is high school sports – and to me its some pretty darn good entertainment.  But also we have Friday night football.  A Fall evening, temperature in the low to mid 50’s (I’ll take high 40’s) under the lights, and a community rallying behind there home football team.  It doesn’t get much better.

But maybe there is another reason this is the best time of the year.  For me this is the time for some great anticipation.  Halloween is right around the corner, and you know Thanksgiving is not too far away.  And (I get it, your not supposed to start a sentance with “and” but it just makes sence sometimes) once Thanksgiving hits you know Christmas is very near. 

Uh ohh.  It is 2-1 Orioles.  I better hurry and finish this.  The Yankees need me.

Back to my anticipations.  I have soo many childhood memories from the three holiday’s I mentioned. From dressing up at Halloween scaring people, to watching football on Thanksgiving with family, and all of the joys of Christmas – I just love this time of year.  It doesn’t get any better.   I can always remember bugging my dad to put up christmas lights, and now I can’t wait to do the same for my kids.  I want to take my kids trick-or-treating, I want to eat Turkey with them and watch football – sitting by a fireplace during a blizard.  Yes, I said blizzard.  Is there anything better than the combination of the following – football, Thanksgiving, and a Blizard (as long as everybody gets where they need to safely)?

So in any event.  Lets go Yankees – Lets go Fanatasy Football Team – Lets go Cougars – Lets go Titans – Lets go mid to high 50’s – Lets go an occasional Blizard – and bring on the three anticipated Holidays.

Its 3-3 now, I better go.

Have a great Fall.


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