Belief: Christmas Challenge

Some of the greatest memories I have come from my childhood during this time of year.  I can remember watching out my window on Christmas Eve night hoping to get a glimpse of Santa.  I remember lying in bed and trying ever so hard to sleep with one eye open.  Take a guess on how that went for me.  I usually made it to the point where anxiety would sit in, as I laid worrying if he was ever going to come. 
I was completely inspired by the possibility that someone was going to come down my chimney with a sack full of toys.  My beliefs that Santa existed created a number of wonderful memories that I will never forget.  Belief (much like most of you I’m sure) has been the foundation for my life.
We go through life, living many beliefs.  Our country was formed on a fundamental belief of freedom.  Belief is all around us.  It motivates us in every aspect of our existence.  The belief in the possibilities of tomorrow have allowed me to walk with my head high and full of confidence today. 
Mahatma Gandhi once said, “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”  What would our purpose be without the power of belief?   We are all in a position to instill belief in others.  As and educator, I try to exercise this each and every day.  Can you name someone in your life that believed in you when you were younger?  If we don’t foster belief in every child we are doing a disservice to our existence. 
The greatest resource the world offers is the human being.  What are we doing to protect this resource?  What are we doing to ensure we are getting the most out of every person?  Do we encourage others?  Do we inspire others?  Do we lend an ear or a hand?  Albert Einstein probably said it the best when he said, “the mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.”
Whether it is believing in Santa or believing in a child or ourselves; the power of belief drives us.  We must believe that we can improve the world around us.  This must start with believing in each other.  I can remember many times during my life that my beliefs began to fade.  In these moments, a number special people came into my life and gave me a renewed sense of hope.  Can you relate?  We must be dream drivers, and not dream killers.  
We have 25 days until Christmas and I challenge each and every one of you to give the gift of “belief” to somebody new for the next 25 days.  If you are in the field of education – find a different child everyday and let them know that they matter.  Tell them that they can change the world.  Maybe you have a colleague that could use a lift.  Take a moment and let them know they matter.  The beauty of this challenge is that it costs nothing to give, and in the end could prove itself…priceless.
The caption below is my two boys.  The boy on the right (Tayten – 6) is making a Bronco’s sign for Sunday Night Football.  He believes that someday he will be a QB in the NFL, and he is patiently waiting for Santa’s arrival in 25 days.  The boy on the left (Jeter – 4) is drawing a picture for his little sister.  He is also patiently awaiting Santa’s arrival.  He will be the one sleeping with one eye open consumed with anxiety.  He believes that he will someday become a farmer and help his Grandpa.

I challenge you to spread “belief” this Christmas Season.  Do you accept? 

Travis Jordan

Twitter: @Supt_Jordan

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