A Message to My Brand New Baby Boy

Welcome to the world Madden Maris Jordan.  This pregnancy had been pretty easy on me so I could have waited another week, but I didn’t dare say that in front of your mother :).  Needless to say, I’m delighted you joined us today and you reminded me once again that being a father is the best thing in the whole world.

Speaking of the whole world – you’ve just entered it amidst so many things going on.  I sit here looking at you wondering what your stamp will be on it.   Right now we are in the middle of a Presidential Race.  Political Correctness (as many call it) can also be termed “Political Incorrectness.”  I know what your thinking – “dad I’m only a day old and your confusing me.”  Well son, I too am confused about this world sometimes.  What is right by many people is also wrong by many people and what is wrong by many people is right by others.

Right, wrong, or indifferent here is what I do know.  The world is full of good people and as you grow older it will be to your benefit to seek them out and join them.  The world is also full of bad people and it will be to your benefit to seek them out and help them.   The Lord put you on this earth for a reason – simply put the world needs you.  God has given you many gifts.  Don’t forget this.  You will have bad days.  You will feel alone.  You may feel like you have reached rock-bottom, but don’t forget that God gave you purpose.  He gave you gifts.  You have talents and the world needs you.

As you embark on your journey of life I recommend you live by a few non-negotiable rules.

  1. Be kind to others:  Even if they treat you wrong – treat them right in return.  If they look different, act different, and live different than you – remember that God also put them on this earth for a reason.  You don’t always have to agree, but you do need to be nice, appreciative, helpful, and thankful.
  2. Don’t compromise your dreams:  If you want it – go get it.  Work hard each and everyday.  Don’t let a single moment of failure deny you many moments of success.  You will fail.  You will fail many times.  Failure doesn’t define you but it will try to.  Remember the gifts you have and remember God put you here for a reason.  Keep moving forward at all times and don’t give up on your dreams.
  3. Be grateful:  You will not get to where you want to go without the help of others.  You will meet many people along your journey.  They were put there for a reason.  Never miss an opportunity to say thank you and always be appreciative of the support you receive.
  4. Pray often:  God will always listen to you.  He will always answer you.  It may not be on your time but it will be the right time.  God has laid out a plan for you.  When you are confused, talk to him.  When you are lonely, talk to him.  When you need something, ask him.  But don’t forget to thank him.  You can do all things through him and because of him.  It’s always a good idea to thank him.

That’s it.  Just four rules.  The only rules I will ever give you.  I know what you are thinking; you have a pretty cool dad.  These rules might seem like a ticket to the good life.  They might seem like this life thing will be easy.  Let me tell you that I myself have a difficult time living by these.  We often take life for granted.  Just never forget that God put you here for a reason.  He gave you gifts.  Your mom and I look forward to watching you unwrap these for all the world to see.  Welcome to the world Madden Maris Jordan.   We love you dearly.

P.S.  Your mother was an absolute rockstar today.