I believe prayer is private.  I also don’t normally ask for prayers.  Today I’m asking for a prayer but I will get to that in a minute.

I currently drive an hour and 15 minutes to work each day and subsequently I drive the hour and 15 minutes back home every day.  I leave every morning in the dark and my kids are still asleep.  Unfortunately, many nights I come home in the dark and my kids are asleep.  So there are days that I go without seeing them.

I’m currently driving back and forth because we have not been able to sell our house.  I don’t mind the drive but it’s not being able to see my kids during the day that bothers me.   I know my kids are in good hands because I have an amazing wife.  I don’t give her enough credit but she is truly amazing.  This makes me feel better during the day.

Also, on my way to work I listen to the Bobby Bones show on KQ94.5.  I love the show.  Bobby Bones promotes positive news.  You don’t see that from radio and news personalities.  He also gives people a start.  He brings people in and allows them to showcase their talents and many times it catapults their career.  He believes in people.  I love listening to his show as it provides the lift I need to start my day.  I’m going to tag his show in my post because it’s always nice to hear the impact you have on others.  It’s nice to know that what you are doing is making a difference in the lives of others.  Bobby Bones, you are making a difference.  Side note – thanks for letting me be in your fantasy football league.  I took fourth this last week and had a real good chance of taking first.  Instead, I was the third loser – but I enjoyed it.

But speaking of making a difference; my job is another reason for me to stay positive.  I love my job.  I love my school.  I love the people I work with and I love that I get to make a difference in the lives of others.  I love being a Superintendent.  I love being in education.  It’s the greatest job in the world.  The worlds greatest assets walk through our doors every day.  What an amazing responsibility I as well as others have in education have.

So to the prayer request.  Like I mentioned this is not something I would normally do but I do know that God works miracles.  I completely understand that many people out there have more significant prayers.  Many people have life more difficult.  I totally get that.  I also know that God can work more than one miracle at a time.  I hope he is working one for you this very second.  I pray that he is.  But if you could all take a moment out of your day to say a prayer for my family and that God sends a buyer to our house I would greatly appreciate it.  We can’t afford to have more than one house.  We can’t afford to rent and own at the same time.  And I certainly would love to tuck my kids into bed each night.

It’s a small request, but I know that the power of prayer is significant.  I know that there is strength in numbers.  I know God will come through.  I’ve seen first-hand the miracles that he has provided.  Like I mentioned, I pray that he is coming through for you right now as well.  Belief in itself may be one of the strongest powers we possess.

Thank you to my wife for being absolutely amazing.  Thank you to Bobby Bones for brightening my day each and every morning.   Thank you to God for giving me a job that I absolutely enjoy.  Thank you to all of you that like, share, or comment to me on my blogs.  I love getting messages from people I’ve never met and I’m grateful that my writing has made a difference in the lives of others.  I’m more blessed than stressed.  If each of you took a moment to think about it you would realize that you are as well.  We have lots to be thankful for – like this picture that I took on my way to work today.  I see the sun come up every day and it reminds me of how great we all really have it.


Have a fabulous finish to the week.

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