Positively Contagious or Outrageous

It was another successful year,

as ghosts and goblins ignited our fear

Our children paraded around the streets,

and filled their bellies full of treats.  (So did I)


So starts the month of November,

my favorite month since I could ever remember.

Mashed potatoes, Turkey, and all the Trim,

pray the lord that I could stay so slim.


Christmas Shopping with so much selection,

and if you haven’t heard a presidential election.

But let’s not go there as it may spark debate,

instead to the World Series in which tonight decides one teams fate.


NFL Football in full swing,

all teams fighting for a ring.

Vikings started off so good.

now they stink – you knew they would.


Can’t leave out, the quest for a buck

to all the hunters, I wish you luck.

It’s a fabulous time of year you see

…certainly, you must believe me?


But November, it’s so much more,

a time for thankfulness at it’s core.

Being thankful should be celebrated every day,

and not just a single month wouldn’t you say.


Journeying through life, take nothing for granted,

look around at all that has been planted.

Remember that we shouldn’t be so stressed,

instead embrace all that makes us blessed.


In your life people will come and go,

but they have been placed there to help you grow.

Take a moment to lend a hand,

help somebody or take a stand.


This November, it’s all up to you

stressed or blessed what will you do?

Will your attitude be positively contagious,

or will it be ridiculously outrageous?


As I come to a close I can’t help but be reflective,

so let me put this all in perspective.

The only thing that has a right to be stressed or bombarded by fear,

is a Turkey this time of year.


Happy November

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