Ok, seriously, I just couldn’t think of a better title so please don’t judge me by it okay.

For the past year the topic of “judgement” has been weighing heavily on my mind, and it’s probably time that I ball it all up and cast it out in the form of a blog post.  Do I still have you or have you moved on?  No worries, I won’t judge you if you leave early, but seriously you will miss out.

So who or what gives us the power to judge others?  Why do we judge others?  We all do it all the time though don’t we?  Politics, parenting, life-style, RELIGION, gender, race, and a million others – we judge them all.  We include, exclude, shun, shy away, walk away, and call out.  We judge others all the time.  We act as though we “know normal.”

But what is normal? My normal is different than your normal, but dscreen-shot-2017-01-02-at-9-39-34-amoes that mean I’m normal and you’re abnormal?  We talk about and see abnormalities like elephants in the room, but God didn’t make us to be elephants.  He made elephants to be elephants and humans to be humans.  Being different is okay. Acting different is okay. What’s not okay is infringing harm on someone else; may that be physical or emotional.  Let’s embrace a culture of acceptance.  I know it’s cliche – but all lives do matter.

So with that I believe two things to be certain in our world.  Number 1: we need to be more acceptant of others.  We need to celebrate and embrace differences.  We need to call out gifts instead of “flaws.” We need to see with our hearts and not just our eyes.

Number 2: in the end I believe there is only one judgement that matters.  So until then live your lives according to your own belief system.  Our fate will be decided one day by the ultimate judgement and my guess is that if you stop judging others, and instead, celebrate others.. your day of judgement will be in your favor.

So go forth and celebrate the people around you.  Don’t judge, and please throw out the word normal from your vocabulary.  If we truly embraced normal we would never be able to progress as a society or as individuals.  We may never recognize the gifts that each of us has. Okay? Okay. Thanks.

Have a great 2017 y’all.