What Is Best For Students?

I must apologize for the lapse in my blogging.  We have transitioned to our new home in Beulah. Trust me, I’d rather be writing than packing boxes and moving big furniture.  The break from blogging however hasn’t stopped my mind from wandering and pondering.

I’m trying to wrap my arms around all of the things happening in this word and I must tell you that it’s not easy to do.   Our country seems to be divided rather than united.  People have no filter and because so I’m afraid our future generations will end up being creatures of our own habit.

And obviously I tend to pay more attention to the world of education, simply because that is where my passion lies.  Education has not been immune over the years to the political world.  In fact, education has become highly political.  What’s best for our nation’s students seems to now be the by-product of “You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours” mentality.  The dollar (something so soft and flimsy – but yet so powerful) seems to be the horse that pulls the cart.  In fact, the mere opposite should be happening.  Education should be driving the dollar.

As our nation’s senators get ready to vote on the confirmation of our next Secretary of Education – I must say I’m a bit worried.  I’m worried that political party and personal interest will over-shadow what is truly best for our kids.  You see, the children of this country are our number-one asset.  The margin for error is at its narrowest when it comes to the education of our children.  I urge every senator to make this decision solely on what is best for students.  Think about it for a second.  Our senators are completely divided on this vote.  They are divided along party lines.  If it was truly what is best for kids – they would be united in their hearts and minds.  Education decisions cannot be influenced by politics, rather they must be influenced by what is best for kids.

And what is truly best for our kids you may ask.  Well, let me tell you.  What is best for our kids is a world that embraces individuality and differences.  I think of the people of this world as puzzle pieces to a master piece that God has created.  Each piece has a purpose and the master piece cannot be masterful without each of us.  Every child has the ability to make the world a better place.  Whether their piece has jagged edges or is colorful or not makes no difference.  Every piece, no matter the shape or size is important to the master piece.

Rather than continuing to turn education over to politics – let’s turn it over to our students.  Let’s turn it over to the men and women who are trained and see these children on a daily basis.  Our educators hold the future of our world in their hands.  They are trained to bring out the best in our children, and our children often bring out the best in them.  Great things are happening in our schools each and every day.  This is why we cannot let politics influence education, rather education should influence politics.

So instead of wrapping my arms around the world for understanding, why don’t we just wrap our arms around each other.  Why don’t we encourage each other, and why don’t we take care of our nation’s greatest asset – our children.  Let’s filter our words and let’s act the way we want our children to act. Let’s make “what you know,” more important then “who you know,” or “what you have.”


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