Lost and Found: A Tribute to an Amazing Woman

As my family and I were trying to leave Langdon the other day we were pre-occupied with cleaning and packing.  Jeter was frantically looking for his basketball, and if you know Jeter…we had no choice but to find this before we left or the entire ride home was going to be bad-crap crazy.  I had walked around the entire premise of the property both inside and outside so many times that I actually started noticing myself becoming increasing lighter from losing weight.

Just a few minutes before we were about to leave it dawned on me.  We had been in Langdon celebrating the amazing life of Jen’s grandmother Corrine Clover.  This lady was special in many ways, and the go to person if prayers were needed for anything.  If you ever lost something all you need to do was ask grandma Corrine to pray and sure enough it would work.  I have countless stories, and many others do as well.  I told Jeter that we needed to say a prayer and ask for Grandma Corrine to help us, and so we did.

Not twenty seconds later the ball had appeared.  It was hidden amongst the trees that I had looked through twenty-six times already.  I knew in that moment that Grandma Corrine was present with us.  She guided us straight to the ball, just as she guided so many of her children and grandchildren in life.

You don’t have to go too far to find out just how special Corrine Clover was.  Any one of her children and grandchildren can tell you how incredible she was.  Not only did she impact her family however, she was influential throughout the town of Langdon and its surroundings, and it’s because of this influence that I decided to write this blog post in her honor.

I began writing a few years ago.  I write mainly about education, but I believe motivation, influence, and empathy play a larger role in education than most people do.  I believe that if one is inspired and has a feeling of self-worth and appreciation that they will do well in a school setting.  I believe it is our job as “people” to inspire others, and it’s not just limited to school.

Grandma Corrine however would tell you that it was not a job for her to inspire others…it was a calling.  Simply, she lived to inspire people to inspire others.  She was one that never thought of herself first.  Heck, she never thought of herself second either.  She led a life of servitude and influence and although I feel quite fortunate to have known her the last thirteen years of my life, it’s unfortunate that I didn’t know her sooner.

My wife thinks the world of her grandma.  Grandma Corrine was definitely a special person in her life. She has impacted her in so many ways.  The qualities that she influenced in her are the qualities that attracted me to her.  And even though she is gone those qualities will live forever in my children and their children.

Her influence touched so many lives.  This couldn’t have been more evident than the outpouring love and support that the family has received in the past few days.  It is unbelievable how a community can come together to lift each other up.  The entire Langdon community and surrounding areas through prayer, gifts, cards, and food inspired the entire family.  On behalf of the family – I thank you all for the amazing show of love to our family and appreciation for Corrine Clover.

On a personal note – thirteen year ago I sat in the same Cathlolic Church in which the service was held and I remember praying to God that he help me find someone to share the rest of my life with.  It was just days later when I was introduced the women I would eventually marry.  I can’t help but think – Corrine Clover had something to do with it…just as she had led us to Jeter’s basketball.  Now finding Jeter a women that will marry him might just prove to be the real test for Grandma Corrine.  We will have to wait and see on that one.

Thank you Corrine Clover for inspiring me to continue to inspire others.   Thank you for raising amazing children that have produced grandchildren and great grandchildren that will forever carry on the influence that you have instilled in them.   You may be physically gone,  but you are present in every life you touched.

“St Anthony please come around something is lost and cannot be found.”  

The prayer that you knew by heart.  Our loss here on earth is heaven’s gain.  Rest In Peace Grandma Corrine but know that you will forever be alive in our hearts.

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