What If We Stopped Pointing and Started Lifting?

Like all of you, I’m deeply saddened by the recent tragedy that took place in one of our nations schools last week. Like you, I’m saddened every single time I hear of similar tragedies that have taken place around the world. I’m saddened by all tragedy for that matter. I’m most saddened however, when innocent lives are taken and hearts are broken.

Before I go further please note that this post is in no way, shape, or form meant to be political. I’m saddened however, that these tragedies almost always turn into a political argument.

You hear it all the time. We need stricter gun laws. We should be arming teachers. We need to devote more resources to mental health. All over the media the debate on all these issues is very much alive and it’s almost impossible to escape it. Fingers are pointed in all different directions and the nation is becoming disconnected.

And disconnection is the last thing our world needs right now. We continue to underestimate the power of connection, and it may just be the answer we are looking for to turn all of this heartbreak into hope.

What if we all made it a priority to connect with somebody new every single day? What if we made it a goal to celebrate and appreciate someone every single day? What if we smiled more? What if we took the time to hear the stories of every single human being? What if every single child/person had at least one positive connection?

We need to do everything in our power to ensure that EVERY CHILD is connected, EVERY CHILD is loved, and EVERY CHILD is celebrated and appreciated. We must do this in our schools, our homes and throughout our communities. We cannot and must not EVER, let up on this. Every child and human being deserves and needs these.

If we stopped pointing at others and instead lifted them up, would we then start to see things turn in a positive direction? Yes, no, or maybe, but are we completely off our rockers if every single one of us does not give this one-hundred percent effort?

The goal is simple; make everyone feel like a someone. When we feel like a someone we feel valued. When we feel valued, we have purpose. When we have purpose, we have the will to live and make the world better.

And I don’t care who you are, what you look like, if you have loving parents, money, etc,; YOU ARE VALUABLE TO THIS WORLD. This is non-debatable. You do, and you have the power to help others realize theirs. Why would you not make this your mission?

People of this world please hear me loud and clear. We will certainly never stop all violence, but we can clearly start loving more. We can clearly start caring more. We can clearly smile more. We can clearly start “including” more.

Don’t point fingers; lift people up. It is my belief that the more people we lift up the less that will get knocked down.

My heart goes out to the school community and families of this recent tragedy. To them I pray for healing and strength, and to the entire world I pray for CONNECTION.

Travis Jordan

TJORDAN.ORG / @Supt_Jordan