Dear Santa

Before you say anything I know what you are already thinking, “I’m too old to be writing you and asking for gifts.” I also know you’ve checked your list twice only to find out that I’ve been on the nice list now for the last 38 years. Impressive, I know…thanks. And now that I’ve brought a smile to your face Santa, I would love for you to hear me out. This won’t take much time at all.  I promise.

This time of the year always brought me joy as a child. There is something magical about Christmas Santa that you already know all too well. The anticipation of presents and the possibility of catching a glimpse of your sleigh flying through the sky Christmas Eve filled my heart with a whole array of exciting emotions.

To me Santa, there is just no better time of the year.

But Santa it’s not a great time of the year for everyone. Knowing what I know today and not knowing what I didn’t know when I was a child fills my heart with sadness.

Being in education for the last 15 years has given me a new perspective on the Christmas Holiday. Not every child has the exciting emotions I once had. Not every adult shares those same exciting emotions either Santa. And it hurts me to know that some children may or may not get presents this year. It hurts me to know that not every parent can afford what other parents might be able to afford. It hurts me to know that not every child will spend Christmas with their parents. It hurts me to know that some parents may be looking down from heaven Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only to see their children sad and feeling alone.  It hurts me to know that some children will be looking down from heaven only to find their parents sad and alone. It also hurts me to know that not every child appreciates the long break from school. Many children throughout the country simply don’t feel safe at home. All of these things bother me Santa.

I know you have superpowers, but I also know bringing families together might not be one of them. I know you would love to fill your Santa bag full of cash and drop that cash down every chimney in the world but I’m certain you don’t have that power either. And let’s face it, money doesn’t always buy happiness…something I once heard quite often from my parents and now find myself saying to my kids.  Funny how that works.

But bringing joy and happiness to people is one of your superpowers, and with that Santa, please allow me to share my short wish list with you.

  1. With your powers I ask that you instill a sense of love and kindness into the hearts of every human being in the world. It is my hope with this Santa, that every human being in the world would make a concerted effort to bring joy to others (especially kids) every day, but especially during the weeks that surround the Christmas Holiday.
  2. With your powers I ask that you ensure that every child has a human connection in this world. That every child has one caring adult or friend that thinks the world of them, and makes them feel like they matter.

Santa, I just want all of us to know and understand that life is quite difficult for many people in this world.  We often take for granted that all people are doing ok and that is certainly not the case. Not every child needs a Nintendo Switch Santa, but every one of them needs a someone. I just wish that every child felt like they were on top of the world, even if just for a moment.

If you can accomplish my number one wish on my list Santa, I’m certain that we as humans (whom lack superpowers) can spread joy and happiness to all that we come into contact with. I feel even weird asking for this Santa, because it should just come natural to all of us, but it doesn’t.

That’s it though Santa. This requires zero work from your busy elves. No need to stuff your bag full of toys or cash. Just the magic touch of sprinkled joy and kindness into the hearts of every human being.   A realization that not every child enjoys the Christmas Holiday for various reasons that many of us take for granted.  A snap of your fingers that will hopefully allow every child to feel the exciting emotions I once felt.  

And if you do this Santa, I promise to leave my famous (store bought) Double Stuff Oreo’s for you and your reindeer. You’ve got my word.

Going on 39 years of your nice list 
Superintendent of a school with children that I care deeply for.

PS: Safe Travels this year!

2 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. Arlene Helling

    It isn’t often you can read and feel the caring and passion a teacher has for our children, their students. We do know many do have that passion , thank goodness. I think the Beulah school os so very lucky to have a caring person that not only expresses himself in such a way that we feel he really does care but he teaches all of us, parents, family and friends to step out of our comfort zone and do something to make a difference in a child’s life….it is well known that holidays can be very difficult, not all happy and joyful. We can be that someone. Let’s not be so caught up in the hustle and bustle that we forget what is important….put Christ back into Christmas, thank you Mr. Jordan for that reminder.


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