Santa, Can You Imagine?

In December of 2019 in a blog post titled Dear Santa I asked Santa to fulfill two wishes on my Christmas list.  I first asked that he instill a sense of love and kindness into the hearts of every human being in the world. It was my hope that every human would make a concerted effort to bring joy to others (especially kids) every day.  Secondly, I asked that he ensure every child had a human connection in this world. Making sure that every child had one caring adult or friend that thought the world of them, and made them feel like they matter.

Since that post, my writings have been few and far between.  Quite honestly, I’m uncertain of what to write anymore.  After that post, the world was rocked by the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the effects of such seem to be just as prevalent today as they were back when it all began. Also, at that time the political landscape was vibrant with an upcoming presidential election.  My wish for kindness and connection seemed to be overshadowed with hatred and division and my desire to write and inspire faded to a place of captivity while a fear of saying the wrong thing emerged.

The fear of saying the wrong thing I believe resides in many of us and the choice to stay silent provides a blanket of security.  We go on with our lives hoping the world changes for the better and we shake our heads in disgust (in the confines of our own homes or spaces) each time we turn on the news or scroll through social media.

And so, this brings me to this very moment.  I’ve been asked to write an article that centers itself around Christmas for our local paper.   My heart is full but my words are empty and I have a choice.  I could certainly decline the offer or I can let my heart speak and get back to the person I once was or once knew.

Challenge accepted!

You’ve all heard the saying that goes something like “stop wishing and start living.”  It’s bogus!  We are never too old to stop wishing, hoping, and believing.  And so, with that I invite you all to see (read) my Christmas wish letter in the form of yet again another dear Santa letter.

Dear Santa,

As we welcome in a new year, I simply ask that folks all over the world start talking more about responsibilities and less about rights. And no Santa, this has nothing to do with the pandemic or politics but more so on human values and morals. We are coming off a couple of very hard years. Lives were lost, jobs were lost, relationships broken, and trust tarnished. I get that these things can happen every year but they’ve certainly been magnified over the last few years. People are hurting, grieving, scared, and confused. I ask for a renewed sense of hope for all of mankind.

Santa, I again ask for connectedness.  I ask that people see outside of themselves to connect with those around them.  You see, even when people don’t show it on the outside, their hearts and minds can be hurting.  Hurting in ways we just could never fathom.  Connection is the best medicine we never talk about.  You don’t need a prescription, it can never run out, and it’s totally free and safe to give.  If each person in the world made it a point to reach out to others, check in on them – could you imagine Santa how much better the world would be.  If each person had one other person to lean on, hug, talk to…could you imagine Santa?  And connection, Santa is something that both the giver and receiver benefit from.  You’ve heard it before, right?  “We rise by lifting others.”  It’s true Santa, and you know that.

Can you make your magic happen and bring connectedness to all?  With connection, comes joy, inclusion, happiness, and love.  Couldn’t we all use a nice dose of joy, inclusion, happiness, and love?

Santa, lastly, I ask that you give everyone the courage to speak and write from their hearts and at the same time remind them that words do in-fact hurt.  The whole saying “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” is bogus too.  Yes, sticks and stones can break bones, but words certainly can hurt and they can certainly lead to folks taking their own lives.  So, Santa I ask that you give people the courage to speak from their hearts but remind them that the words they do say, whether face to face or behind a screen can help raise people up or help knock them down.

Santa, could you imagine a world full of joy and connection?  Could you imagine a world of joy, inclusion, happiness, and love?  A world of trust, truth, and togetherness.  Santa, could you image?