Five Days of Christmas

Some of my greatest memories have come from my childhood during the Christmas season.  I can remember watching out my window on Christmas Eve hoping to get a glimpse of Santa.  I remember lying in bed and trying ever so hard to sleep with one eye open.  Take a guess on how that went for… Continue reading Five Days of Christmas

Like Father, Like Son

“Your child will follow your example, not your advice” – Unknown The quote above gets me every time I read it.  It gets me, simply because it causes me to reflect on my parenting style.  It usually ends with me taking my right hand and smacking myself upside my right temple. You have been there… Continue reading Like Father, Like Son

Positively Contagious or Outrageous

It was another successful year, as ghosts and goblins ignited our fear Our children paraded around the streets, and filled their bellies full of treats.  (So did I)   So starts the month of November, my favorite month since I could ever remember. Mashed potatoes, Turkey, and all the Trim, pray the lord that I… Continue reading Positively Contagious or Outrageous

God’s Got This

Do you feel like you have a pit in your stomach?   When you turn on the TV do you feel confused, maybe raged, and possibly disgusted.  Do you have no clue what to believe anymore?  One person did this and another did that, and you don’t have the secret powers to decipher fact from fiction. … Continue reading God’s Got This

The Election and Your Children

I normally would not write or comment on politics but I feel the time has come to voice my thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election.  First and foremost, understand that this is not an endorsement to any of the candidates.  Honestly, I have no clue who will get my vote in November. The motivator and… Continue reading The Election and Your Children


I believe prayer is private.  I also don’t normally ask for prayers.  Today I’m asking for a prayer but I will get to that in a minute. I currently drive an hour and 15 minutes to work each day and subsequently I drive the hour and 15 minutes back home every day.  I leave every… Continue reading Miracles

I Pledge Allegiance

Normally I would not write about a topic that seems to be quite controversial, but for the last week I’ve felt compelled to do so. I was going through some pictures the other day and I came across what was then my three-year-old son standing with his right hand over his heart in front of… Continue reading I Pledge Allegiance