A Message to All Students

I feel compelled to send a message to ALL of you today.  In my years of education I have seen many triumphs and I’ve also been witness to tragedy.  I’ve felt the utopia of game-winning buzzer-beaters, but I’ve also felt the emptiness that accompanies student depression and some cases death. Between the utopias and dystopias exists… Continue reading A Message to All Students

Are We Preparing Our Students For a World of Unemployment?

Recently I attended the National Conference on Education in New Orleans and the question above was posed to myself along with thousands of other superintendents.  I immediately began trying to wrap my arms around it but my mind began taking me in a number of different directions. The question was followed by statistics that stated gross… Continue reading Are We Preparing Our Students For a World of Unemployment?

R.I.P Common Phrases

I write today with a heavy heart.  A few phrases that I have known for over 13 years and have had the pleasure of hearing thousands of times as an educator need to officially be laid to rest.  These phrases have been the topic of many conversations and the basis for a number of heartaches. … Continue reading R.I.P Common Phrases

Bandaging Negative Behavior

I’m thinking back to my previous years in education and I can remember many instances in which I dealt with negative behavior in one way, shape, or form.  Often times I had so much going on that I did everything in my power to deflect it.  I put a band-aid on it so to speak.… Continue reading Bandaging Negative Behavior

What Is Best For Students?

I must apologize for the lapse in my blogging.  We have transitioned to our new home in Beulah. Trust me, I’d rather be writing than packing boxes and moving big furniture.  The break from blogging however hasn’t stopped my mind from wandering and pondering. I’m trying to wrap my arms around all of the things… Continue reading What Is Best For Students?


Ok, seriously, I just couldn’t think of a better title so please don’t judge me by it okay. For the past year the topic of “judgement” has been weighing heavily on my mind, and it’s probably time that I ball it all up and cast it out in the form of a blog post.  Do… Continue reading Judgement

365 in 17

This time of year you often see many articles/blogposts that that provide an uplift as we enter the new year.  Many of them speak of New Years Resolutions  while others provide you the recipe for a great year.  I too have written such articles but… I’d like to do something different this year.  Instead of… Continue reading 365 in 17